Business of Tax Agent Firm
Provide “All-in-one” agency service
Promise compensation for the obligation of agency
Reasonable charges, excellent and efficient service
Carry on financial and tax consultation and acting for filing tax returns via internet
  Business of Tax Agent Firm
1. Act as the permanent financial and tax adviser of enterprises and institutions;
2. Consultation on the relevant tax laws, regulations and policies as well as financial accounting disposal;
3. Taxation agent:
(1)Act for the taxation registration of enterprise establishment, alteration and cancellation;
(2)Act for filing tax returns monthly and quarterly of circular tax and income tax;
(3)Act for filing tax returns of annual summarizing and settling of enterprise income tax;
(4)Act for export rebates of VAT and applying for determining the qualifications of general tax payers.
4. Act for the tax payment audit on enterprise consolidation, dividing, winding up, dissolution, bankruptcy and liquidation;
5. Tax payment planning;
6. Audit verification on the feasibility of economic projects and economic matters;
7. Audit verification on economic benefits and leaving off post;
8. Annual financial statements audit and capital verification.
  Provide “All-in-one” agency service

We provide all-in-one agency service for customers appointing us as their taxation agent:
1. The certified tax agent is responsible for financial and tax consultation, tutorship and disposal of taxation, acting for filing tax returns, acting for paying tax. The tax returns filer is responsible for visiting customers to collect or delver materials for filing tax returns including tax receipts after tax payment and statement of account of bank deposit in the special account for tax payment.
2. We will purchase all kinds of financial statements, tax returns, revenue stamp, and input information about input and output VAT in computer on behalf of you.
3. We will handle tax registration and alteration registration for you.
4. We will present tax audit report and special audit report for wind-up tax liquidation.
Our tax agent and tax returns filer have been equipped with fixed telephone and mobile telephone, and they can be contacted by customers at any time. All matters concerning tax payment may be handled by tax agent and tax returns filer.

  Promise compensation for the obligation of agency
1. We promise fully compensate the overdue fine paid by customers due to the liability of our tax agent or tax returns filer.
2. We promise to compensate 100 Yuan per day if our tax agent or tax returns filer fail to provide service within the time agreed by the parties.
  Reasonable charges, excellent and efficient service
We strictly comply with the charging standards determined by Shanghai tax bureau and general price bureau, and provide excellent and efficient consulting service.
  Carry on financial and tax consultation and acting for filing tax returns via internet

Customers appointing us may acquire the relevant financial and accounting policies and professional consultation on financial and tax laws and regulations by email or IM tools such as MSN.

Customers signing the agreement of filing tax returns via internet may transmit the relevant accounting information, tax payment data to us by email or IM tools such as MSN, and we will prepare the tax returns, and act for filing it and paying the tax.

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